About Forget Plan b

What is Forget Plan b?

Why name a website “Forget Plan B”? It’s a reference that has to do with committing to something and not giving up. Changing direction…yeah, but never quitting the core concept.


So Forget Plan B initially was to be a website about inspiration, creating your own business and succeeding. The usual how to stuff, get traffic to your website, make money, yada…yada.

It still is that type of site to a small degree but I decided that if I was to create a content filled website that really inspired and entertained and I was to still be interested in writing new material for it, I would need to take it in a different direction than it was initially created for.

You see,

There is no point in me making yet another “how to make money online” website, even though I do, there are countless sites out there that teaches that stuff. You will see ads from time to time promoting things like the Wealthy

After researching several websites that are very successful I noticed what they had in common.

None were niche specific.

There are many I searched that were niche specific, like the “lose weight”,
gadget blogs and of course there are millions of the “make money online” blogs out there.

Those were all fine and great but I found that the ones that really stood out for me were the “non specific” type.

Just pure content.

So this is the direction I’ve decided to take this site in.

Pure content about all kinds of stuff that is interesting.


no plan b

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