Blog and Get Paid Secret Reality Truths

Yes, people actually blog and get paid for creating content that others want to read.

The thing is that the majority of them make about $5 a day and about 4% make over the $5000 a month kind of money.

blog and get paid

So it appears that most are hitting a brick wall like a drunk Superman when it comes to making anything blogging.

That may sound pretty discouraging to you but when you put it in perspective, out of millions of bloggers, 4% is quite a lot.

I’m a “glass half full” type of guy.

Now, there are a lot of bloggers who fall in between the super successful ones and the brick wall hitters.

Some are content to make $2000 or $3000 per month, which is actually pretty good.

The best thing about being in that category is that it’s a lot easier to go from 3 thousand to 5 thousand a month than it is starting from zero.

Blog and get paid

How Do You Start a Blog and Get Paid?

There are a few misconceptions, call them “myths” about what happens when you start blogging and what is expectant .

I made a shortlist below…

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#1 If blogging is just a time passer-by for you then it doesn’t matter, but if you want to get income from your blog you will need a little patience.

As a rule, the super successful bloggers who seem to appear overnight and wealthy, somewhat famous even…

is never the reality.

So What Is The Truth?

The truth is that they persisted on refusing to quit and consistent with blogging.

Even when after long periods of time and effort seemed like they were getting nowhere fast.

They finally found success because they believed that what they were working on today would pay them tomorrow eventually.

Here is a rule of thumb to follow.

The work that you do today will probably not give you any results for 3 to 6 months. (Assuming you did your SEO homework and made awesome content)

That is just the way it is. Real businesses take real effort.

Besides, if it was easy, everyone would be in on it too.

#2. Money earning blogs might be the goal here but in the beginning, if your posts look like sales pitches and all you want is them to buy…

You’ll be doomed.

Just remind yourself every time you go to write something, say this out-loud to yourself, People first…business second.

Focusing on giving value above and beyond is priority over your big dreams of paydays.

If you do this, I guarantee eventually the income WILL follow.

#3. Do you really need to Figure out what you’re passion is?

Okay, I know that’s one of the popular recommendations by experts.

And that is a great place to start, but what if you don’t know yet what your passion is?

If you don’t know yet what your passion is…

Do you sit and wait and try to find your passion first?


Maybe do this instead and at least get started. We’ll worry about the marketing part and advertising later on when you start getting traddic.

  • List anything and everything that you find interesting, that you’re knowledgeable in or at least somewhat knowledgeable.
  • Identify any specific problems or concerns that people would need help solving. (Example: Let’s say your blog is about fly fishing. So you could write “how to” articles on various problems new people to fly fishing would be having.)
  • Focus on that niche whatever it is and start creating content that is designed to HELP someone solve a particular problem.

So, don’t worry about finding your passion. Instead take action now.

I call this the READY, FIRE, AIM method. I’m not the originator of this, but I sure used it to kick-start my business way back when.

So to recap everything above you just read…The simple making money beginners guide

  • Mindset- Understanding patience and being consistent will build a strong business foundation. The effort you do today will pay you sometime in the near future.
  • Focus on providing value in your content and build an audience of readers before you monetize.
  • Write and create content on the stuff you like and know. Writing will be way more easier if your not bored or your focus id off course.
  • Ready, Fire, Aim… Get it out there to be seen and fix mistakes later.

The Beginner Blogging Blueprint

Trust me when I say… if 90% of your effort is to focus on helping people and 10% is focused on making your blog pretty, advertising, etc.. Especially when you are just starting out, you’ll be on the right track to success.

You may be asking, “what about keywords for search engine optimization?

What about how to find your target market and build a legion of readers who will buy from you what you recommend?

I want to eventually see results…To blog and get paid.

Where can I learn the best way on how to blog and get paid for it?

These days in the online home based business world there are thousands of offers for you to sign up to and promise you that they can help you succeed.

How do you tell which ones are good?

Which ones are scams?

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