Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset – What Determines Success

There are certain characteristics that successful entrepreneurs have that are really responsible for that success.

The way they think, react and behave are all part in parcel to why they succeed,
and at times seem to be seen as odd to everyone else.

The entrepreneur VS employee mindset is more than…

a few simple daily habits that people do.

It’s a whole way of thinking and seeing the world differently than most of the population.
So the question is, how do successful entrepreneurs really think?

Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

How does a person go from thinking like an employee to the mindset of an entrepreneur?


If you’ve been an employee for most of your life, chances are your parents have been employees all their lives as well, and their parents and so on…

This doesn’t mean that you have to do the exact same life blueprint they did.


Reservation and Resistance


To truly develop an entrepreneur’s mindset you may have to develop a strong will and determination if your plans meet resistance and reservation.

Resistance from your immediate circle of influence, like family and friends.

Every successful multi millionaire has at some point dealt with this.


signs you hate your job Parents may tell you that what you’re trying to do will be impossible.

Friends might laugh at you or become very negative to discourage your efforts.

They may try to convince you that you will never be a successful business owner or encourage you to get a job like everyone else.


The best way to combat negative influences is to shut them out for now.

Start reading inspiring books of successful entrepreneurs.

Books like, Start With Why, Anything by Richard Branson and so on…


Stop feeding your mind negativity.

In fact, make a commitment to read only positive and motivating books at least for

15 minutes per day and just don’t accept anything negative to be influencing you.


I will promise you this one thing…

Doing this action everyday for a month will create the mindset you’ll need to have success. It is inevitable because we are creatures of habit.

Turning bad habits into positive ones will happen over a short period of time.


There is no written rule that says you must follow what the 98% of society is doing. Most of us were programmed from birth to accept we cannot have wild success in life and that we need to follow the path to being mediocre.

To hell with that!

Understand this one thing and you will be unstoppable.


–  Everyone in a free democratic society has the same opportunities, same amount of time in a day and the will to determine their future.

Some may have an advantage over others, being born into wealth, but even a homeless person can develop a mindset to entrepreneurship.

Find your path and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.


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