How to Easily Spot and Avoid a Biz-Op Scam

Maybe you’ve been through this before or maybe not. I’m going to share with you How to Easily Spot and Avoid a Biz-Op Scam.

You want to start a home business so you can make extra cash to help supplement your monthly income.

Or perhaps you have seen others succeeding in an opportunity that you are thinking of signing up to because…

Hell ya! You want to live the dream too!

Guess what?

Who says you can’t do what these gurus are doing? Why are they so special?


how to spot a scam biz op

I hate the word scam. It implies a negative reaction.

Like you’re getting a slap in the face from some guru. 

Unfortunately, it is a reality more than ever in the internet marketing industry.

So many “experts”  promising you’ll be rich in no time without working hardly at all.

Reality is that it’s a huge lie, more or less.

Sneaky and Greasy?

Here are a few ways to instantly tell if the business opportunity is something to stay clear of.

Keep in mind that I’m not labeling all mlm biz op companies as a scam per say.

The company could be on the up and up but the person(affiliate ) trying to sell the offer may not be. They also could be very inexperienced too.

First warning signs…

  1. When you look at the sales copy website and there is no clear outline of what they are selling. If you can’t find the product or service anywhere on the site,  yet they promise you wealth and easy money, click the close page button.
  2. They may be cloaking using really half ass or outdated products up front to try and legitimize their business but really they’re probably make money mostly through recruiting. This is a bad thing and it is by definition a pyramid scheme.
  3. Outrageous and unbelievable claims of success with little or no effort. The whole, “I made $300,000 in a month and I did it working 20 minutes every day. This might be the case right at that moment for them, but I guarantee they spent time failing and not making a dime in the beginning of their business.
  4. Pictures on the sales page of so called proof that they’re rich. Standing in a driveway beside a Bentley and a huge mansion showing that you can have this too!
  5. They want you to invest a significant  amount of money with no clear product in sight  telling you that you will double it almost overnight. This is called a Ponzi scheme. Very illegal. They get that money up front and keep recruiting all the while paying out the top members while the down-line make barely anything or nothing.
  6. Keep in mind that the likely-hood you are joining some inexperienced newbies team is very high. This usually happens when there are multiple email capture pages that are the same offer. The cookie cutter syndrome.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you are thinking that you signed up through a successful person’s site,  a lot of times, it is someone still struggling.

The multi-level marketing industry has always been automatically associated with the                       words “Pyramid scheme”.

It is unfortunate that this stigma sticks  around and there are good companies that are legit who are always fighting against that thinking.

The problem is that no matter how they dress it up and tell you it isn’t a pyramid, the compensation diagram always looks like…. a pyramid.

That comes when you are selling something that you know for a fact that the person you convinced to join will likely fail and give up in 1 to 3 months.

You got them to join under the pretenses that it is easy to succeed in the opportunity. The truth is that any business online or off requires a lot of work before you even see any results that are good ones.

Sales pages rarely, if at all,  will say that it is difficult and takes some time to build a successful online business because most of us (society) naturally want to succeed with minimum effort and do it in super sonic speed too.

My personal recommendation.

If you decide to join an MLM and/or direct sales company, do your research first. Don’t get caught up in any hype nonsense.

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