How To Get Visitors To Your Blog Quickly

Are you thinking that this will be another “meh” blog post about how to get visitors to your blog ? 

Well, I don’t blame you for that initial assumption! 

It probably has driven you to a point of wanting to throw your How To Get Visitors To Your Blog
computer through the window because you want the…

raw unfiltered truth to
what it takes to get traffic to your blog as quickly as possible.


The Problem and The Solution

Seems as though everyone and their
Grandmother are the experts on getting traffic to a blog
these days.

In reality, there are

literally millions of free information sites to
choose from when you Google the subject.

Some are great, some are…uh, meh.

But, because you are savvy on the subject and can
pick out the good information from the bad,
let’s really discuss the truth behind…

How To Get Visitors To Your Blog as fast as possible.

Let’s assume you have a blog that is content rich and you have
been slaving away at it for a few weeks now

and you are getting zero traffic.

Okay, no problem. (we are going to focus on organic traffic.
Search engine optimization for the usual, Google, Bing and everyone else)

By the time you read this post you should have a better understanding
of why and then how to tackle your traffic woes. Also what to avoid doing as well.


First let’s go through a basic
check list.

Below is a sort of basic guide that you can use to figure out where you are having issues with your site  and how to fix it.


  1. Are you creating awesome content that either solves a problem, provides some great value, be it info or entertainment purposes? 
  2. What is your average word-count for your posts? Is it at least 300 plus?
  3. Are you using a focused keyword (phrase) for each post to rank in the search engines?
  4. Are you using at least one image in your post that is keyword relevant?
  5. Are your blog posts easy to read? 
  6. Are you focused on your readers needs or are you focused on mostly driving traffic and making money?
  7. Is you stuff boring?
  8. Are you patient or expecting results right now?


Let’s break these 8 questions down now.

There are a whole bunch more we could list but we’ll start with these 8 first.


  • Forget about trying to find that perfect niche that others are having success with. Write about the things that you enjoy talking about.

I have several niche blogs out there from years ago when I was learning  and a few of them haven’t been updated for a long time.



Because I hate writing about how to cure somebody’s acne problem or worse, some dude’s erectile disorder.

When you write about what you know and enjoy talking about it gets a WHOLE lot easier to do it. That is called creating great content.

  •  Your blog posts should have at least a word-count of 300. (this post your reading  is at 492 so far up to this point….now it’s 499…now it’s….(sorry, got carried away here)

Google will ignore you for a life time if you are trying to get much SEO love from them without actually putting in the effort that shows you are serious about great content.


  • Figuring out what keyword phrase to use to best target your intended audience, using your keyword strategically in your post so as to not be looked at as a keyword stuffer.

A lot of times, beginners make the fatal mistake of  using a keyword that they would never rank for in 10 million years.

I’ve done this when I was starting out too. 

As a “for instance”,  if you are writing about how to lose weight, and you choose the most common phrase, “lose weight”

Here is what your competing against…


how to get traffic to your blog post


Instead of wasting time on those 1 and 2 word keywords, go for  the “longtail keyword phrases”.


Target the  3 and 4 or more worded phrases that get about 50 to 300 or more searches a month. You’ll have to brainstorm a bit and build a short list of potential phrases that will allow you to ranks in the search engines on the first and second page, rather than the 400th page.


  • Images that are tagged with your target keyword phrase will make your posts more interesting and better for the eyes (that visual stuff that helps get your point across.

I sometimes will  draw goofy cartoons (like the one above in this post) where to put my point of view across the reader and at the same time it separates me from what everyone else is doing.


  • Until you are a blogger who can get a 100 thousand unique visitors a month no matter how or what you write, you should write your posts so they are easy to read and…


Basically, just use short paragraphs, bold headings and write as if you are talking to a friend face to face.


  • Make sure that you are in the right mindset before you begin.  Yes ultimately you want to monetize your blog and posts but if that is your sole reason for doing this, in my opinion, it’s the recipe for failure.

Simply put…

People first, Business ideas with low investment


  • Are you writing a math text book? Uh, meaning are you boring people with fancy jargon that only you and your college professor understand?

Unless you talk to your friends like a math text book, loosen up!

Use slang once in a while if you want. Do you swear? Okay then, throw some of that in as well, unless you are writing for children :/


  • Patience is your greatest trait.

It may take 3 months or more to see anything in terms of results.  That is just the way it is.

Unless you buy traffic and even then, this organic traffic is long term. Think of it like this…               I know that the work I do today will show me results probably 60 to 90 days from  now. If you put your mindset in that thinking, you’re less likely to quit.


So, there you should have a little bit of  a better idea on how to either fix or start your new blog.

These screen shots I took below are my traffic stats of a couple of my lesser performing or new sites and maybe give you a little motivation and, well,  basically hope.

I remember when I started and how frustrating it was to see no results for my efforts for a long time.

how to get traffic to your blog


This first site is one I built 3 years ago and I haven’t touched it for at least 2 years.

stats traffic view

It still gets 200 to 450 + unique visitors a month

It also still makes about $100 to $140 a week through a few affiliate offers.




This next site I officially created in January 2018

The thing is, I left it without anything on the site until around end of June.

But even with no content it was getting nearly 200 visits a month!


I wanted to show you that even if you give a small effort and with the help of some really great but simple techniques that make a lot of difference, you can start getting real visitors to your blog almost right away.

If you want to really start getting real traffic

that keeps coming day in and day out even if you’re on a beach somewhere vacationing, this is what I recommend.

This is all FREE by the way!  CLICK HERE

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