Should The Internet be Censored?

There has always been this ongoing war between Government
agencies and us, the public.

Ask anyone this one question…

“Should The Internet be Censored?”

Usually you’ll find that most of the younger generation between 18 and 45 would
say hell no!


The older demographic people would likely say maybe,

yes or “I don’t know”.

The assumption here is that many older people really don’t understand how the internet
works, where it comes from or why it is so important to keep it safe from any one
Government agencies control.

Beyond Facebook and email, they really don’t think about the bigger picture.
And frankly, why would they?


The right and freedom to be able to get the information that is supposed to be publicly accessible

is entirely our responsibility, not Government and definitely not corporations.  Should The Internet be Censored

There is this constant tug of war between us and the Government.

This war is in the

New laws on communications that are always being drafted, which

many will never see the light of day.

And mainly because we dictate that outcome using our democratic vote.

On the other side, big corporations are always pressuring Government to add regulations so that
the overall result would favor them.

Corporations can buy politicians and so this struggle between us and them is never ending.


Other Countries Who Cannot Ask The Question, Should The Internet be Censored

In North America we currently enjoy our freedom to explore the world wide web. Other countries are not so lucky though.

Places like North Korea, China and other countries ran by fascist Governments have a tight grip on what they will allow people to see and not see.

Recently, a small African country, Tanzania passed a law that requires all bloggers who own blogs on the internet must register their identities and pay a yearly licensing fee of $950 U.S.

with the Government or face hefty fines and possible incarceration.



A temporary court injunction has ruled against the Tanzanian government’s legislation demanding bloggers pay a $930 fee to publish content.

The blogging fee, part of sweeping internet regulations, would give the authorities unprecedented control over the internet.
Last week, the state-run Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)
had said in a statement that bloggers and content providers had until May 5 to complete the application process.
Six human rights groups, media platforms and independent publishers filed the case in Tanzania’s high court, reported Reuters.
A future hearing will decide the case.)


The argument on why should the internet be censored


No doubt that there is as much evil trash as there are legitimate
informational sites out there on the web.

The outcry from the public to deal with child pornography,
terrorist recruiting sites and other foul crap is a legit demand
that everyone would agree should be censored.

The problem of censorship is when the hardcore
control seekers on the far right want and

fight for their agendas to get pushed through.


These groups tend to use any angle such as “public safety” to get their desired result and this is

where it is important to protect our freedom of information

and to have access to it
without interference from Governments and special interests groups.

No matter what happens, the internet should never be governed by those who want to decide
what we should or shouldn’t be allowed to access.



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