Steven Seagal – Pathetic World of Unintentional Hilarity

Now that Steven Seagal, former “A list”, now barely a “D list” actor has been accused of rape and sexual assault again, one would think that his days as a self important narcissistic douche bag are coming to an end.

Well, I suppose time will tell what fate awaits this delusional and unintentionally hilarious larger than life character.steven seagul

The thing is, I use to  laugh at the Steven Seagal antics over the years.

The Stories…

These first hand account stories that other actors who worked with Seagal on various movies and shows are legendary to say the least.

The Dark Side Of  “Mr. Above The Law”

But now the light has been turned on to show a very dark side to this once adored action star.

Before we talk about the seedy awful behavior of Seagal let’s have a few laughs at his expense.

Don’t get me wrong about him. I still love to watch Under Siege , Out For Justice and Above the Law.

He was indeed one of the top action stars in the mid 80’s to early 90’s.


So What The Hell Happened?

Here is my theory, which is everyone’s theory I’d say.

His massive inflated ego was his downfall. He is notoriously known to be an exaggerator of epic proportions and because of the narcissist built in box that is in his egotistical shell of a head, he destroyed his A list status when he started acting righteous.

That, and the sexual assault allegations I imagine were a big part of his slide down hill into direct to video movies and funny Gifs created to humor the rest of us.

Here are some examples that are too funny…



The Not So Funny Side To Steven Seagal is Pretty Dark

Apparently, his antics over the years when it came to women, would make Harvey Wienstien  look like a saint.

Okay maybe that’s a terrible comparison.

It has been well documented or at least Seagal has been accused many times of disturbing inappropriate behavior towards actresses he worked with, interns and apparently 18 year old girls.

He is also, allegedly guilty of abusing former wife Kelly Lebrock to a point where she divorced him then disappeared in hiding for years. Why? I would assume she was scared of him, but who knows.

So now the question is, since he is accused of actual rape, will he simply vanish and end up hiding behind his buddy Putin in Russia?

Doubt it.

He probably thinks that his movie Above the Law that he made a hundred years ago should be treated as his personal biography.

Steven Seagal….From badass to dumbass.


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