Tell Tale Signs You Hate Your Job – How To Fix It

When you were a kid growing up, did adults ask you this question? “Hey, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I bet they did.

Maybe your answer was, Police officer or Fireman. Maybe you aspired to be a Doctor or even a famous actor or sports personality.

Of course, how many of us actually became these professions? A few of course, but the real question is, how many people end up working at jobs they hate?

According to Statistics, (and it varies) about 80% of the people asked in a poll claim to hate their current job and chosen career path.

So is it how not to hate your job, or change it up altogether?

The Obvious Signs You Hate Your Job

  • You don’t feel very well most of the time now. Do you have aches and pains that you never had before?

At first you chalk it up to getting older, but you feel like your 68 when you’re only 38! P

hate your job

hysical symptoms of depression are common.

You probably get the flu more than twice in a row every year, use up all your allotted sick days in the first month in the new year, take personal days even though you can’t afford it and find yourself in front of your boss facing disciplinary action on a bi-weekly basis.


  • You’re a big believer in self medication.  Maybe you go home after work and all you can think about is

“I need a drink!” Or 2 or 3 or….well,  you know.

It started out as a once or twice per week and it used to be to unwind at the local pub with your friends. Sitting out on the patio in the sunshine having a few with best buds.

But then it has become a habit of shotgunning whisky the moment you get home, then you’re too drunk to go out. Of course that gets you to sleep every night, by 8 pm even though it’s summer time and daylight is still around for another hour and a half.


  • You haven’t had a raise in pay in so long you forgot.  

The work load on you has doubled yet you’re still  at the same rate you were at 5 years ago. You begin to really notice when the electric bill is due and it becomes either eat or heat this week.


  • You are living the real life version of Office Space

signs you hate your jobYou’re sitting around with your friends and they are laughing as you’re watching that funny flick Office Space. Only problem is, you’re not laughing because that movie has become your reality.

Even worse, you find that you relate most to the stapler guy!




Signs You Hate Your Job And How To Fix It

Sometimes we need to step back a little bit and look at the big picture. Ask yourself seriously why are you still working someplace you would rather see burned to the ground? Okay that may or not be extreme for you.

Seriously though, we tend to see our job as the only job in the world at times and the truth is, there is a flood of opportunity out there if you want it.

Excuses are just that.

Don’t have a certain skill set? Get it. No time to look elsewhere? Make it. Afraid your manager will learn what you’re up to and reprimand or fire you? Keep it a secret.

If you have a mindset of “I can’t”, you’ll need to get an “I can” one to move forward.


I recommend reading this book that helped me tremendously. It’s called “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson.


Also recommend the book “Influence the Psychology of Persuasion “




Darren Heslip started creating websites back in 2006. Really bad looking websites that were pretty much for the sole purpose of making a full time income online. That plan was a long and bumpy, gravel potholed road that finally smoothed out somewhat 8 years later. Fast forward a couple more years and "Forget Plan b" was originally to be an affiliate site but turned into a blog instead. The blog's name was from something one of Darren's mentors would say all the time. "If you are starting your own business from home and you've thought about a plan B in case it goes badly, then you have already set yourself up to fail. So delete plan B. There is only plan A." That principle still applies to Forget Plan b blog, but at times other topics are explored here.

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