What If…

Welcome to the “What if…” page.

The thought behind creating a “What if” page is basically for entertainment.

I basically lifted the idea from Marvel comics.

They had a line of published What if  showcasing super heroes and villains in alternate universes outside their regular continuity in their individual stories.

For example, I remember one story years back where “What if…Captain America was a secret sleeper agent of 1944 Germany?

So I wanted to do what if stories about real life in today’s world. Perhaps talking about what would it really be like to be overnight instant millionaire?

How would that actually play out and how would you handle that instant jackpot that would change your life?

Anyways, that is the basic idea behind it, so I hope if you are reading these stories you might find something in it you can relate to.

If anything, maybe just entertain you for a little.

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