WordPress Comment Spam and The Idiots Doing It…

WordPress comment spamming usually becomes an issue for many bloggers when their blog starts getting significant traffic.

It’s something that is pretty much expected and can really become an issue for a lot of bloggers who are unfamiliar with how to deal with it.

First of all…

wordpress comment spam

Who are all these people constantly trying to sell Viagra, sex dolls or their lame biz-op?


Who in their right mind, in this industry of online marketing, thinks that writing an obvious comment that was clearly spun with a free article spinner…would help them make money?

I suppose that there are a few that spam bomb daily could be making some money.

You know what? Forget that.

I’m willing to bet those numbers are very low.

Spambots are a Nuisance…

A lot of the spam comes from automated bot programs, which are called spam-bots. Automated content that post on forums and blogs and are also designed to steal email addresses.

spam bot
Hi, I collect your email address and then exploit it and send you links to buy Viagra!

You can spot these “spam robot automated comments” that are spun by a program as soon as you read them.

They usually use really silly synonyms for common words and often sound like it was written by the guy who wrote for the Spartacus TV series.

All joking aside…

If you are getting bombarded with WordPress comment spam, I have a few tips for you to help you keep your blog clean and operating good.

  • Using a reputable anti-spam plug-in can be a good start. Anti-spam plugins, like – Akismet.
  • Set up a comment moderation system in your WordPress settings area in Dashboard.
  • Restrict comment privileges to registered users only.

These few simple things you can do easily will reduce WordPress comment spam

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Darren Heslip started creating websites back in 2006. Really bad looking websites that were pretty much for the sole purpose of making a full time income online. That plan was a long and bumpy, gravel potholed road that finally smoothed out somewhat 8 years later. Fast forward a couple more years and "Forget Plan b" was originally to be an affiliate site but turned into a blog instead. The blog's name was from something one of Darren's mentors would say all the time. "If you are starting your own business from home and you've thought about a plan B in case it goes badly, then you have already set yourself up to fail. So delete plan B. There is only plan A." That principle still applies to Forget Plan b blog, but at times other topics are explored here.

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