Work For Free…Work For The Government!

Just to be clear…

I live in Canada, so this whole Government shutdown in the U.S. is something that we Northerners haven’t experienced before in this country.

At least to the best of my knowledge it hasn’t happened here.

Shutdown of Government has a ripple effect.

I understand that certain departments within the U.S. Government that have been shut down, would not be temporarily funded and simply wouldn’t be able to make payroll until the shutdown ended.

That makes sense.

What makes no sense is this…

How can the Government demand and actually expect their employees to show up to work day after day like good little soldiers and not get paid for their time and hard work?

Many of these employees were called back to work but without pay. This is known as employees deemed essential services.

Things like taxes and security operations that are needed for national security, stuff like that.

To those who are working each day dedicated without getting paid…I salute you!

A week maximum of getting no paycheck…

A week of not getting paid is bad enough but probably understandable especially in these bizarre times of political insanity, but 30 days and counting?


I cannot imagine how many of these dedicated people who show up for their assigned jobs each day are coping with mortgage or rent payments, bills piling up and simply the basic needs like feeding their families!

Kraft opens free grocery store for unpaid Gov’t workers…

How many are in crisis mode already, trying to figure out if they can skip a mortgage payment hoping that within the next thirty days they’ll get not only a regular paycheck, but also get their retro pay they are owed.

All this because of a wall?

Yep, it’s a good thing that the President of the United States can sympathize with the struggling families. ( I’m being sarcastic of course)

I’ll save my real opinion on the POTUS in office today, for myself.

Trumps Wall Built By Lowest Bidder…well, not really 🙂

I’d rather dedicate this post to all the hard working people struggling right now because of a stupid wall.

Let’s hope that this silly tug of war between the Democrats and the White House ends soon.

And to those who are nearing a crisis point, perhaps some light will come at the end of a very dark tunnel.


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